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Grow to be the Best Printing and Packaging Company ...

Mitra Group Printing and Packaging started as a small offset printing operation in Surabaya, Indonesia, in 1976 and has grown to become one of Indonesia’s leading privately owned printing and packaging companies, supported by its own paper divisions.

The Group incorporates PT. Mitracitra Mandiri Offset ( MCMO ) in Sidoarjo and PT. Mitra Surya Eratama Packaging ( MSEP ) in Tangerang with a 2700 strong workforce. In 2010, it also established its own paper mill supplying MCMO and MSEP with high grade paper.

Mitra Group is constantly growing with focus in continual improvement of technology, equipment, resources and processes to provide even more efficient, innovative, top quality    products and services to its clients. Our commitment is to build a long term and good relationship with our clients